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Hello everyone,
I am currently writing a dissertation on type technology, focused on developing a workflow for creating multiweight script/cursive families utilizing Multiple Master technology and some Metafont/Metapost techniques. To be more precise my objective is help the designer in creating calligraphy and brush scripts – of the kind which weight cannot be just changed without complete redrawing (you can’t just move stems around).

The basic concept is to allow the artist to draw his characters in whatever software product he chooses, when he/she is satisfied with the result, he imports the centerlines in whatever font production software, activates the script, enters brush parameters and receives two masters with clean outlines minimum number of points and PS drawing standards compliant and etc. It sounds simple and it actually is – as I have managed to create a working model written in Python (proof of concept) and I am currently using it for font development.

So you all know having working model does not complete a dissertation. As I am currently writing the first chapter of my monograph I am struggling with the following problem: I cannot seem to find any other authors that worked on the same subject – mutiweight script/cursive families. I know that there must be at least couple of authors that have addressed the problem in the past. So could you please point me to some articles or books concerning the subject?

Thank you in advance!

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Maybe have a look at Frederik Berlaen's Kalliculator


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Thank you alvaroefe! This is really helpful!

Just to clarify I am looking for authors/works which a dealing whit this problem on academic level – so I can cite them and make references to their works.

Thank you in advance one more time!

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Good luck.


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Vassil, Frederik published his whole research on the site, have a look at that:

It /was/ written as his project for his masters at Type]Media in The Hague's Royal Academy of Arts, maybe that's academic level?

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oops, sorry, double post :)

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alvaroefe , thank you so much!

This paper is exactly the kind of materials I am after! Same objective, different angle of approach! Wonderful work by the way!

Thank you once again!

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You've very welcome, glad to help!

Maybe this helps too:

Hipertipo is a one man company ran by Gustavo Ferreira, who is now a good friend after he took me in as an intern last summer and we got to work side by side. His work with generative and responsive fonts is really something, the links I put up there are from a recent article he wrote about his research, they're not as in depth as Frederik's research paper but they might do some good :)

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