Script style sans serif.. Comic book like? Help!


Slightly calligraphic look because of occasional stroke contrasts in certain arms and legs, But I believe it's related to some comic book, Possibly Frank Miller.


Maybe it's better to post the original.
Even a low res image could be a better source for a font id.

I've done my best to trace a vector version. The original is very low quality, After leveling the colour and sharpening, It's still very low quality... Not good enough to use in various 'font finding' programs.

As I'm the designer/programmer of a such font-finding application, I insist that in some cases the soft/gray edges of a low resolution image could provide more information than the sharp edges of a rough vector output - but it's your choice off course...

PS: You should provide the original image: No re-size, no flattening, no sharpening, no brightness adjustment

Ok thanks, I've uploaded the original image.