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Try an emboldened http://Beaumarchais by David F. Nalle [1993, Scriptorium Fonts]

That's the one, thank you so very much.

I prefer the David Nalle's upright font to this laid back leftie. Anyway, my purpose for posting is to ask if anyone has any idea what David Nalle used as a source?

Don, see also these posts on Beaumarchais a.k.a. Columbus:

Thanks Fivos. I knew this was familiar! Overload at the memory bank! One of the more famous fonts by Hermann Ihlenburg, patented November 29, 1892.
Notes from Solopedia
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(Sam Wang, Brendel/B&PGraphics), Wedgewood (Brendel), Deneane (FontBank), Cowan (Opti), C790 Deco (Softmaker), Tringle (WSI), Jazzy 50 (Fantazia), Beaumarchais (Scriptorium)
Tom Phinney is developing a high-quality version named Cristoforo.
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Tom Phinny's update:

BTW for the record, the correct font ID is clearly "Columbus." All the others are derivative.