Boxcar Type Id


Need help finding a something similar to "Norfolk and Western" in this image:

actually, if you guys know of anything similar to the numerals as well it would be awesome

This is my first post on here,
figured it would be the place to go.



You may like one of the following:
http://Graduate by Eduardo Tunni [2012, Google Web Fonts]
http://Octin Sports Free by Ray Larabie [2007, Typodermic]
http://United Serif Semi Ext (Bold) by House Industries [2006]

and a more round one:
http://Freight Micro Book by Garage-Fonts [2004]

More detail:

Wiki page on the 611 and on N&W
Perhaps something specific for railroad lettering? A wide letter, but not as wide as Railroad Roman formed from an angular slab serif.

Three fonts from Letterhead that are not quite right but are at least wide and angular. Pullman Train Timberlodge Mike's Block

And there is a store devoted to selling railroad fonts They don't have N & W but you might find a reasonable substitute in their wide variety of choices. It would take some time to go through them. A quick run though them turned up Pennsylvania 1930s, which is based on lettering once used by the Pennsylvania Railroad for coach names in the 1930's. Reasonable price.

Thanks so much guys. @fvilanakis I thought of united but I hadn't heard of those other 2 and they definitely might be worth a shot. And @donshottype I like the numerals in the fonts you suggested from letterhead fonts.

Got a lot of good suggestions . Thanks so much