Dairy creamer fonts

Hand Lettering
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Looking for the these 2 fonts.
They look familiar, but not sure.


ANIMALS PASTURES CREAM is an interesting combination of influences. Very likely lettering. If it is a font, I don't recall it offhand. So my comments would apply to a matching font, if found, and to the letters themselves. My first thought when seeing this was that someone had taken a chiseled font like Berthold Wolpe's Albertus http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/albertus/ and applied the swoosh treatment to soften the contours and give it an "organic" mood. Foxtail terminals, tilde crossbars and mini serifs -- very bovine.

It is hand lettering, as the artist himself reveals.

Great to see that the creative lettering abilities of Frank Atkinson, Samuel Welo, Ross George [Speedball], Alf Becker and other great lettering artists of the past, are shown by a modern lettering artist like Alan Ariail. His blog seems to be a good source of letter design ideas.

Wow... Thank you both for the info.
Didn't know the story behind this, very interesting.
Thought it might be hand done, but figured I'd find out for sure.

Thanks again,