Decorative Serif

ITC Mona Lisa Solid
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Mike Freiman


ITC Mona Lisa is a digitization of Albert Auspurg’s 1930 design for Ludwig & Mayer. Jaspert's Type Encyclopaedia [1970] comments that the "modern face design is not unlike the same founders' Firmin Didot."
Note that the Auspurg’s font was an open face. Pat Hickson created Mona Lisa Solid by filling in the open areas.

The font was used in Steven Spielberg's movie "Artificial Intelligence" in for a poem with a message for the "boy."
Here is a still

Thanks to James Michaels for finding this info. See
My comment at the time was "The hard edges and formal structure of this Art Deco serif design -- tall, thin and very regular -- suggest a futuristic cold spirituality rather than joy or human warmth. A good fit for this rather depressing movie."
I wonder if it looks warmer and more optimistic in the National Week of Prayer image? I have my doubts.