High-Contrast Sans from New York Magazine


These are from the new issue of New York Magazine... any ideas?
I think this font is really beautiful.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This type of font can be made by cutting serifs on a Didot and making some other edits.
Can't recall off hand if this one is a bespoke font for New York Magazine. If so, presumably it would have been made by legitimate means, i.e. from scratch or a scan of a printed Didot specimen rather than from an existing digital didot.
Another sans serif Didot
Link to purchase it
An example of Didot snipping http://dev.typophile.com/node/103636
Another similar

Agree with Don. Most probably a bespoke typeface for New York Magazine but unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any information on it.
Some alternatives you might like: Simply Grotesk JNL, Stark Debonair, Vanitas, Seaside, Sang Bleu, Carisma, Contax Sans, Patriciana, Euro Sans, Tenor Sans

Thanks a lot for the suggestions and resources... some great options!