That 70's Sans..


..Might also be 80's :)

I am clueless about this one. We have to reproduce this sign tomorrow, but there's zero info to be found either in our own archives as well as online. Ideas anybody? Thanks in advance!


The capitals are set in Conference by Martin Wait say that Conference's design date is 2004 but there is also an older [very close similar if not exact clone] font called http://URW Colette D by URW with a copyright date of 1996 - I don't know which is the actual font origin.
The ampersand /& and "abc" looks like Helvetica Bold to me.

Oh well.. Can we at least agree that it looks...... retro? :)
Thank you once again Fvilanakis! ColetteD is in my collection and is an exact match.

The 1970s font that this reminds you of is ITC Serif Gothic (1974) by Herb Lubalin and Tony DiSpigna.