Modern Equivalent for this old architectural blueprint typeface?



Would anyone be able to suggest modern typefaces that would look similar to the one from this old architectural blueprint (minus the clogging of the ink)?

I thought of Gotham Rounded, but its letters are too wide in comparison.

For this purpose, I guess they would need to be kind of narrow—but not condensed—so they can be easily read in small sizes (CAPS only).

Any thoughts are much appreciated.



You might consider Jonathan Hill's NuOrder Medium
"Geometric forms taken from early grotesque styles are combined with humanist elements to create a precise and legible typeface."

The typestyles favoured on architectural and other technical drawings of this type were based on routered lettering, often condensed and with rounded terminals. Take a look at Planscribe NF from Nick's Fonts - one I've used successfully for this purpose myself.

Try searching on the tag "routered" for other examples, but I think Planscribe probably comes closest of those I saw doing this search.

Thank you Don and Osamu—both NuOrder and Planscribe NF look great! I am going to test them out and see how it goes. Brilliant!


Totally agree Osamu, something close to Leroy Lettering should give you some good ones.
Previous discussions on this topic that you may find helpful (more alternatives including NuOrder and Planscribe):,,,,,

Are there any reservations about the legitimacy of David Kovalchik's free font Engineering Plot His geocities site is long gone [just like the one I once had]

Hi Ryuk, couldn't resist your comment "something close to Leroy Lettering should give you some good ones" Leroy, more commonly known as Kilroy, was everywhere in WWII :)


Character [Herbert F. Van Brink] made an independent digitization of Leroy Lettering as Leroy Lettering Light in 2003. It seems to have been forgotten. At least it's not listed in Luc Devroye's pager on Character
Here is a download link for Leroy Lettering Light
If anyone can demonstrate that it is a rip of an earlier digital font, I will edit this post to delete the link.

Leroy Medium, was a photofont from Typographic Innovations, NYC, circa 1978 - slightly different than Leroy Lettering Light mentioned above.