Tullio d'Albisola — Sculptore, ceramista : Savona, Casa Mazzotti




Reminds me of Erbar., http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/erbar/
Here is a non-digitized version that may be closer in some respects, but also has differences from the image. Erbar Grotesk Extra Garnitur. Ludwig & Mayer Frankfurt 1927

So what else was available when the card was printed. Approximate year?

Looking in Jaspert again, I think this is Semplicita, an Italian sans from 1931. It has the straight-sided U, and the stemless a and d. Canada Type has a version called http://Semplicita Pro.

- Mike Yanega

It seems that Durotype also has a version of Semplicita they call http://Simplo, and it has the same f as the original that goes below the baseline. The CanadaType version has a more conventional f that stops on the baseline.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks Don!
That Ludwig & Mayer is a beauty.

& thanks again, Mike!
Semplicita it is. That Jaspert sounds like an amazing resource. I may have to invest in a copy so I can stop bothering you! Any particular edition you'd recommend?

You're welcome Daniel. Jaspert is the best reference, together with McGrew's book, for 20th century metal typefaces. Last edition was _The encyclopaedia of type faces [1970]_ by W. Pincus Jaspert, W. Turner Berry, A.F. Johnson. Publisher London: Blandford Press, [4th ed., entirely restyled and greatly enl.] xiii, 420 p. ; 31 cm ISBN 0 7137 0191 9 Out of print, but try Ebay. Might be expensive. Should be in major university libraries as Z250 .J36 1970 or very similar.
Thanks Mike for finding Semplicita -- I know from experience that it's time consuming to go through Jaspert to find a font because there is no detailed classification index -- also thanks for the heads up on the CT and Durotype versions.

Thanks Don — I've found both titles on Abe.