Hi typophiles,

I bought a bag of wood numbers, and on the bag a lot of this wooden type came:
Any idea what it is?

And, here I have to typefaces for you guys to try and identify:
(the complete serif-ish middle one, and the lower right one, with contrast)

Any help will be welcome :)


Very interesting lowercase g with an open lower bowl and a reverse skyward pointing ear. Here is a close up mirror view

I didn't recognize it off hand. Anyone else have an idea?

Yes! It's very interesting indeed :)

I don't know that one. Salzburg has a similar, uncondensed version of that g.

Yes, it has a similar 'g' concept :)

Well Fernando, all I can say at this stage is that you have a real collector's item. Unfortunately somebody "broke the sort" on this font and got rid of the letters piecemeal. The design is attractive and would make a good digital font, but it would be a great help if there were some more letters.
Same applies to the thick capitals in the middle row, which have some similarity to Binner http://www.myfonts.com/search/binner/fonts/
I take it you purchased the letters in South America. So they could be designs originating in the US, England or continental Europe, or even in South America for that matter.
If you find any more letters that seem to match either font It would be wonderful if you could share them with us.

Hi Fernando, good news! I found the g with the open lower bottom bowl -- and the rest of the font too. It's a woodtype from Tubbs & Co. cira 1900, that Dan X. Solo purchased in one of his type collecting expeditions and later digitized as Valjean http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/solotype/valjean/.
Possibly the other type in the drawer is also from Tubbs & Co.? I wonder if there is a Tubbs & Co. specimen book anywhere?