This is unfortunately a single word



A crisp monoline script. If it's a font hope someone spots it for you.
In the interim here are some substitutes I like
Nebiolo's Veltro 1931, digitized by Ralph Unger
Hans Möhring's Elan 1937, digitized as Stempel Elan
Ralph Unger's Gmuender Elan
Daniel Pelavin's Tribeca Script

Thought I already tried to identify it (and fail) but can't find the discussion. Anyway, some more alternatives: Terital, http://Wisdom Script, Trattoria, Gelateria

Hi Ryuk, thanks for the suggestion of Tertial United It is a good addition to the list of "crisp monoline scripts." This the category label I use to classify this image. It has squared ends rather than the rounded ones found in most monoline scripts, hence "crisp."
I should also have included an old standard, Max Kaufmann's Kaufmann script of 1936