Hasse Nielsen Display serif type


Can anyone identify this font?


I think this may be Arrow, an old film type. The only current digital version I know of is from Treacyfaces.

- Mike Yanega

Mike did a good call with Arrow even if the [[http://www.treacyfaces.com/TFArrow_interiors.php|TreacyFaces version]] looks not so elegant to me. I'm pretty convinced this one is Mark Simonson's [[http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/marksimonson/goldenbook|Goldenbook]].

This is much nicer than TF Arrow.

Good call Ryuk. I didn't recall Golden Book had such a light weight, and these letters are not enough to use the Serif Guide, as only the E is a key letter. I agree Mark's font is much nicer. Image Club used to have a version of Arrow, and it does look similar, but Goldenbook it is.

- Mike Yanega

Great thanks guys,!