The Brockingtons - Vinyl - Swash Font ID


Looking for an ID on this beautiful swashy font used for this 70's album cover.

Many thanks for any help in advance,


Bookmania was not created until 2011 but there were other versions of Bookman in the 1970s that had these type of swashes. Not all made it into the digitized versions. The record designer would have had access to the pre-digital ITC Bookman Swash, now digitized as and other similar fonts.
Don't worry about differences in details. The practice was to photo-morph letters in many ways.
Bookmania includes the swashes available in the 70s and adds many more, so it's as good a choice as any to recreate something near the lettering.

amazing thank you both!

We messed with Bookman Swash alot back in the seventies with photo setting - it was a fun one to distort in wild ways. We should point out you still can do that with PhotoShop and/or Illustrator.

Thanks Bob for confirming my speculations on yet another photo era font.