who typeface designer adidas 1972



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Very close to http://Litera EF Heavy by E&F but the /s is wider on your sample
You can also use an emboldened http://Chalet (London 1980) by House Industries, if you cut off the higher part of /d

I don’t know who did the original logo (which I assume is not based on any specific font), but in 2011 the company commissioned a custom typeface derived from the logotype: AdiNeue.

The original appears to have been a mash-up of Super Grotesk (developed by Arno Drescher in the 1930s for the Typoart foundry) and Helvetica (just the s). Though the bold version of Super Grotesk was used, its smaller round counters were not--those were enlarged to maintain an even stroke width. The ascender on the d was also truncated to the height of the i.

Joancarles Casasín--the designer of AdiNeue--mentions the "100% geometrical build" and the atypical s at the link above.