I am looking for a letter "J" that looks like this



Is this your own drawing? Are you asking us to suggest hand-drawn font styles with this kind of J? Or do you want an exact match for this sample?

Please clarify what you are showing and what you are asking. It makes it easier for us not to guess these things. Thanks.

- Mike Yanega

This is a hand-drawn letter but I am looking for something very similar in a font

If you want a hand-drawn font, how about http://Chameleon Basic? In looking at script styles that was one of the most similar to your shape, I thought. Most J's with a loop on the left also have a lower loop, or a more curved tail, and I didn't see any that were completely straight below.

I'm still not sure which style of font you are trying to find. A formal script? A casual handwriting font? If you can be more specific about the style it might narrow the search.

- Mike Yanega