Retro typography

Boylar Ornate, Grand Prairie NF
Solved by: 
Donald H. Tucker

looking for both of these fonts, not sure if they are original or been modified?


Classic is and old typeface called Medallic, digitized by Nick Curtis as Grand Prairie NF

Nice finds both, Don.

Don... Very much appreciated. Thank you.
I've seen Boylar before but never knew what it was.

BTW... congrats to the Canadian Hockey teams, I really hope the men win the gold.


Hi John, did you see the TV clip showing a bill board, in Detroit if I recall correctly, that showed a Canadian and American hockey player with Justin Beiber between them? The words said looser has to keep him, or words to that effect :)

Didn't see it, but that's hilarious.
Now I'm even more disappointed that we lost. :)
I can't be too upset though, it was Canadians that last won the Cup
for Philadelphia. Living just outside of Phila, those players are legends in this area and bring back fond memories from my childhood.
Baseball may be our national pastime, but hockey is the best sport on earth.