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Hoping to find fonts used in "cigar box".
Not sure if the C and B are a different font than the rest of the letters?


They may be based on a couple fonts from, but I'm hoping someone else has some ideas.


Your best chance is probably directly asking Alex Rinker and if he tends to answer, drop the answer here. But I'd be not surprised it's almost everything hand-drawn... Anyway, for /C and /B initials, I like Billhead LHF and Letterhead.
For the rest, I'd probably start with Sheepman or House of Cards and customize it. Gin might also be interesting. For a alternative but close design approach to LHF, Decade Type Foundry is worth of interest.

I agree with Ryuk's suggestion of House of Cards for IGAR OX. If you add Tuscan style indents at the top and bottom you are pretty close. Also his good finds for B. As for C almost any sans of the right weight and proportion would do if you add the Tuscan style ends.

House of Cards is a revision of the old woodtype font Teniers. If you prefer to use something that is closer to the original, try:
Teniers by Wooden Type Fonts
Solotype's Goodfellow
William Page by Wooden Type Fonts 506

Great info… this is a huge help.
Most likely hand done, however the suggestions you've made will work as base fonts to customize.
Thanks guys!