Jeppesen charts font ?


Hi All
I am trying to know which font is used on popular Jeppesen charts, used in aeronautical world

Example for JFK Airport:

I am looking for the font on the charts, not the one on the first 'general info' page.

Another sample:

Thanks for the help !



Several font subsets are embeded in the pdf, but none are identified by a standard font name. Is this one you are trying to identify?


Yes it is that one !

Basic structure similar to Rockwell but there are significant differences in detail, not least of which is the big ball terminal on r -- an unusual feature in a slab serif.
Might be a bespoke font for the map company.
In any case, perhaps another font detective recognizes this one.

Thanks a lot for such a quick feedback!
And what would be your opinon about the font inside the maps themselves, please check attached pics, I think it is different ...
Thanks again

Examining the fonts in the map pix, Adobe Reader identifies Arial and several unknowns. The main unknown has a flat top 3 [banker's 3] and other differences from Arial. Some of the other font detectives are much better than I am in recognizing modern sans serif fonts, so here is the subset of the Bold for them to demonstrate their superior font matching skills

As in the case of the serif I previously posted, this might be bespoke for the company.

Thanks for thi info ! ...