Apple's "30 years of Mac" font

Myriad Set
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I can't identify the font used throughout the whole Apple's Thirty years of Mac site.



It looks a lot like Frutiger, but it's not. It seems to be some kind of custom-made typeface.


Myriad. Some kind of light or ultra-light weight.

Apple had a custom Myriad made

It seems there is no legitimate Myriad Extra Light for purchase. Substitute extra light are found on a list at

Thank you guys! It must be a custom made typeface then.

I checked it via “Inspect element” in Firefox and it’s “Myriad Set” specifically.

From wikipedia:
Adobe's most recent version of Myriad is Myriad Pro, which has some additional enhancements and character set extensions, but is not significantly changed in design.

Myriad Apple, a modification produced by Galápagos Design Group, incorporates minor spacing and weight differences from the standard varieties, and includes Apple-specific characters such as the company logo.

In 2006, Myriad Apple was superseded by Myriad Set, which contains extra ligatures and other minor changes.

Thank you again, inktrap!