Tall thin font

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Hi, I have searched the web for this font with no luck, any help would be much appreciated.


I thought it might be a Nick Curtis font but I didn't spot it at Myfonts or Dafont. [I might have missed it in my quick scan of the listings.] Nick's other free fonts are scattered over the web. Anyway, If it is a font, I expect another font detective will find it for you.
BTW it's helpful in these cases if you give some clue as to the source of your lettering: logo, web page, advert, book cover etc. and the date produced.

Skyliner by Skyhaven Fonts

Good find Ryuk. Some interesting information about the designer, Alex Tomlinson. On his website he says "I'm 17 years old and love to make stuff!" Already 157 fonts at Dafont. He might have great future as a font maker.

Thank you so much!