Arabic Naskh typeface with bold


Hello all,
I'm looking for this font for use in my publications.

This font is used in many books published by دار الأضواء - بيروت (Dar-al-Adwaa - Beirut). It comes with Bold variant, as seen in the sample.
The sample I had attached is from a book named Tawil-al-Daim.

Please help in identifying this font for me.

Thanks and regards.



Hello Moiz
What is the date of the book? This style looks very familiar and easy on the eye - books and newspapers printed in letterpress (hand-set metal type) in the 1950's looked like this!
Best wishes,

Thanks Vladimir.

The date of publication is unknown to me.

This is a variation of Monotype Naskh:

A version of this is licensed to Microsoft and included in Windows core fonts as Traditional Arabic. I have done a number of subtle revisions and enhancements to this version over the past few years :