Mistery - Very Lean San Serif, Bauhaus college type

Arista 2.0 Light (Regular)
Solved by: 
Fivos Vilanakis

Hello to all comunity!!!

I've been looking for this font type for a week now and can't find it... I'm starting to think is not a font but a custom art instead...

At first looked like a easy one to find, but every possible match I've found had like one detail diferent of this one...

Don't know if the File will indeed help much coz it's on low resolution but I appreciate any help you guys can give me!

Thanks in advance


It looks like http://Arista 2.0 Light by Francesco Canovaro [2006, Free for personal use]
The /f & /l of your sample look a bit longer and the /e a bit rotated.

Thank you so much fvilanakis you made my day!!!