Font in a Logo

Eras ITC & Helvetica Neue Condensed Black / Bold
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Hello, I'm trying to figure out what the font is for "PEST CONTROL, LLC".
Thanks so much! Typophile rocks.


[[|Eras ITC]] and [[|Helvetica Neue]] (Condensed Black and Bold) should du the job.

Ryuk good call on Eras ITC, and I should have recognized Helvetica but it was squished and skewed so... thanks! It doesn't matter for my project, but just for kicks, the ", LLC" part is apparently a different font than the other two and I can't figure that one out either. But Helvetica Neue is what I needed, so thank you!!

For the /LLC, I'm pretty convinced it's a Frankestein with /L from Helvetica Neue and /C from Eras.