Font in a Logo

Eras ITC & Helvetica Neue Condensed Black / Bold
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Hello, I'm trying to figure out what the font is for "PEST CONTROL, LLC".
Thanks so much! Typophile rocks.


Eras ITC and Helvetica Neue (Condensed Black and Bold) should du the job.

Ryuk good call on Eras ITC, and I should have recognized Helvetica but it was squished and skewed so... thanks! It doesn't matter for my project, but just for kicks, the ", LLC" part is apparently a different font than the other two and I can't figure that one out either. But Helvetica Neue is what I needed, so thank you!!

For the /LLC, I'm pretty convinced it's a Frankestein with /L from Helvetica Neue and /C from Eras.