A difficult exercise, 15 fonts in 2 Headline blocks


Hello! I'm new here and I don't know anyone arround. I'm a little bit ashamed for writing an email like this , but today i recived a job that It's barely impossible for me to do because I don't have enough knowledge to figure out all the names of the fonts that appear in this image. When my college professor that assigned me this task, told me that there are 15 different types of fonts in this two headline blocks, I couldn't believe it . To be sincere I can only know the name of 2 or 3.

Can you guys help me to IDENTIFY all the fonts?

Thank you very much.


The Sans should be Interstate by Tobias Frere-Jones for Font Bureau and the Serif Capitolium News by Gerard Unger.

Than you very much!! Any idea of this font: "Relato de un periodista..."

If there are 15 different fonts, I would be surprised, but maybe that includes different weights of the same family? In any case, the image does not show the smaller fonts clearly enough to see their details. Is there another, better image you can point us to?

For example, the "Spanien er belastet.." serif is certainly not Capitolium News, but I can't tell if the e has a horizontal crossbar, what is the y tail like, or what the r serif looks like.

- Mike Yanega

By the way, if I had to guess what font "Relato de un periodista.." is, I would say Font Bureau Miller. Or at least something in that family.

- Mike Yanega