elegant thin font


Hello Typoguy,
Could you put a name on this font ?


Very geometric, symmetric, constructed and identical, no optical adjustments... Pretty convinced it's hand-done. Take the quarter top part of /O and you could rebuilt all letters quite easily.
Alternative: Faddish

Hi Ryuk, thank you for your quickness but ....I'm pretty convinced it's not hand-done. Why ? Take a look :
I should show you this link first. My fault ;)

On their website, L’Exception use a webfont called ‘LException-Normal’. I don’t know who created it, but I think you can safely assume that it was custom-made, just like the (taller, but similar) typeface in your sample.

No problem and thanks for linking to L'Exception. They actually use a bespoke typeface called 'Exception' (see image below) which shares the same design backbone with your sample though not matching. Your sample is narrower and some adjustments (mainly on /B) have been done to make it more contrasted and more symmetric, essentially to emphase resemblance between 'LOOK' and 'BOOK', being the mirror of each other. Still believing it has been created from scratch, too many type design errors: inconsistent x-height over glyph set (/C looks too large comparing to the other letters), poor kerning, no optical correction...

Another "way" to reproduce it would be to start with some narrow ultra contrasted sans/serif and reconstruct some letters to match your sample. A good candidate would be Niagara, chopping off the serifs and recreating /K from /B.