Font at the top of the old gates at the boleyn ground sometime between 1905 -1925



ive tried searching all kinds of Nouveau fonts that are very similar ...but not the same

Remember that the time period that you say this comes from is long before fonts as we talk about them. Are these metal letters? My point is that these were probably made (or drawn) by hand, and they may not even resemble typefaces that were in use. The similar fonts you found may be the best you can do.

- Mike Yanega

yes mike metal letters...probably cuxtom made then thank you

Tilde shaped crossbars were popular for lettering during the era. Note that there were also fonts with the feature. Some previous discussions
Some digital fonts exist, but they differ in detail. For example Greater Albion's Jonquin Storm's Tenebra Storm's Patzcuaro Universitas Studii Salamantini

Thank you Don