Getting zoomed previw of glyphs with ascenders cut off

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I'm having an issue with ExtraBold weight, which is the last one in row I kerned for an font family.
Beside it, there is Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold and ExtraBold.
All weights have same UPM, same values for ascender, descender, Caps height, x-height... everything is same in all weights from field Font Info > Metrics and Dimensions!

For some reason unknown to me (this happens the first time), ExtraBold is displayed like it's done in ~1500 UPM, bigger, with top part of glyphs cut off. While other weights look normally, as it should!

When I install ExtraBold and try it in Illustrator, Photoshop, Word... it matches with the rest of weights, so no any visual difference (in height, position or anything like that).

Does anyone know what might be the reason for this?


Screenshot attached.

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(sorry for typos, writing from the car :))

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I just tried to open some other fonts that are not member of this family and FL shows me same "cut off" look for each one!?!

I tried to reset Tools > Options... but nothing changed!

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Visual ascender & descender was issue if anyone wants to know reason.

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Sigur: ‘[…] writing from the car […]’

At least the problem with the glyphs was solved…

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