1940s children's story book title



The 1940s were still the era of metal type. Noting the way the letters overlap I suspect that that this is photographed lettering. Might be worth checking some of the published alphabets for lettering. For example by lettering artists such Becker and Atkinson, if this is an American book. If this is a British book you might check for published alphabets by British lettering artists.

Thank you Don, that is helpful. It is a British book so I will start looking for relevant lettering artists. Is it possible that the book's illustrator created this lettering himself, or would that be quite unlikely?

If you look at several of the book covers on line - the Toby Twirl's are all related but a bit different, so Don is right this was lettered by the series illustrator. Fun lettering, could be a nice font developed from this.

Here is an example cleaned up to show letters:

Thanks Bob for the additional info. I love the piggy snout on the r -- as if Toby Twirl was pushing his nose into things. From the wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toby_Twirl we learn that TT is an inquisitive young pig with human hands and feet. The illustrator was Edward Jeffrey, who I presume also did the lettering. More info on Edward Jeffrey http://www.ravenstonedale.org/features/toby_twirl.htm
Pix of the TT covers organized by series http://www.tobytwirl.co.uk/TT%20Books.htm
For more online pictures of TT covers google "toby twirl sheila hodgetts" or a variation of this request.
Unfortunately for a font designer, none of these online images include more words in the style of TT adventures.
Another possibility is that the publisher Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd. had someone else do the lettering or the original title. But this seems remote, given that they seem to have had Edward Jeffrey from the outset.
So for additional letters it seems that a search for other work by Edward Jeffrey is as good a lead as any.

Thanks Don and Bob. I am going to research further your suggestion that the lettering is designed by Toby Twirl's illustrator, Edward Jeffrey. In raking light it is possible to see the impression of the printing block (is that the right term?) in the soft fibre of the paper. If I can find out any more information about the lettering I will post it on Typophile. Vince.

You're welcome Vince. I look forward to seeing any more lettering that matches, or at least catches the general style. This could be a fun font to make.