Tall text, I've seen it everywhere but I don't know what it is.


any idea on the font that says "missing"


It looks like http://Edition, a strange (free?) font with no licensing info, so better be careful if you want to use it in a commercial project.

Edition Serif is a variation on designs by Imre Reiner for the Corvinus fonts, particularly Corvinus Skyline, from 1929 to 1934, which were sold by Bauer. Similars sold by Lanston Monotype as Glamour. Edition Serif was made by Mike Diehl & Paul Volk in 1991. Website http://www.mikediehl.com/logo/dv.html Info on Edition Serif http://www.mikediehl.com/type/index.html with note
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Many of the letters were designed for use on MCA Records' New Edition greatest-hits package (Vartan, Art Director).

DV Edition Serif and other Diehl.Volk Typographics typefaces are available by emailing Mike Diehl. Michael@MikeDiehl.com
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If you wish to use Edition Serif for a project you could try the e-mail address and see if it is still valid.

Thanks guys!

Less 'blurry' alternative: Ransahoff (only visible difference on /G leg)