WWII Warsaw Ghetto poster heading face

Block Berthold (Extra Condensed)
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Bob Evans

I am looking for help identifying or matching the font in the heading of this poster from the Warsaw Ghetto in WWII: http://www.inminds.com/img/warsaw-deportation-notice.jpg.

My purpose is for use in a concert poster for an upcoming performance of Schoenberg's "A Survivor from Warsaw."

Hagen Hottmann


Not perfect but very close: Block Berthold (Extra Condensed)


Berthold's Block Condensed, designed by H. Hoffmann in 1908, has matching letter forms but is a heavier weight than the poster's heading: _Bekanntmachung_ [notice]. The Woellmer foundry produced it's own version of Hoffmann's typeface and sold it under the name of Hermes Grotesque Semi-bold. See the specimens of Block and Hermes at p255 of Jaspert's _Type Encyclopaedia [1970]_. Hermes is slightly lighter than Berthold's Block Condensed and the weight and letter widths seems to be an pretty much an exact match to _Bekanntmachung_. However, there are minor differences in the mid stroke of the letter _a_ and the arms of _k_. Hermes was digitized by by Tagir Safayev and is sold by Paratype
Paratype's Hermes would be a better match for the weight of the headline and would fit the font point size used in the poster, but Block is closer for _a_ and _k_ letter forms.
So you have a choice between two fonts with an equally Germanic Sans Serif character of the era. Either way, it seems you could have a very effective poster.

Thanks bojev and donshottype for the i.d. Block Berthold (Extra Condensed) looks like a close fit!

to me it looks like hermes