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Garamond-like alternative

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Garamond-like alternative

Hello, guys!
I’m totally new here and English isn’t my 1st language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may incur about typography or with my writing.
I’m here because I want some help on choosing a typeface that is similar to Garamond, but with less contrast between thin and thick strokes in upper case letters, id est, with thin strokes “less thin”. I mean, I love Garamond, I think it confers some classic flavor to the text, especially when the texts I want to print are Latin classic poems with side translation. But the thinness of the horizontal bar in the H, E and T, or in the legs of M, N, V and A, bothers me, perhaps because I have got a less than perfect vision, also I find it aesthetically unattractive.
So do you know some typeface which looks like Garamond in size and style, but with less contrast in the upper case letters? Something that could join the capitals from Georgia, Palatino or Bookman Old with the lower case from Garamond (best of the possible worlds)?
By the way, if it can be a non-copyrighted font (freely downloadable) so much the better.