genre/classifications question

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what would you classify the typeface used on this site under?
or the headlines on here

what I really want to do is find more similar typefaces. I would put Officina Serif maybe Courier in the same feel I'm looking for too. I'm at a loss of words to describe it which is why I'm asking if there's a classification for it.

I'd say it is the kind of sans-serif with serifs/tails for recognition purposes rather than stemming from calligraphic origins. These typefaces are almost very technical in that they're devoid of any hint of human hand. But not in the way Klavika or Bank Gothic looks techy.

Does this make sense? Does anyone know any similar typefaces?

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Maybe 'Monospaced' or OCR (optical character recognition) faces. Search terms might include 'computer' or 'typewriter'.
Some of my faves: Nitti, Source Code Pro (open source), Letter Gothic

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Yeah I think I got closest with monospace though some of them that I would put in this category aren't monospace. They're like sans-serif typefaces but unlike Univers or Helvetica show no trace of a human hand and look geometrically constructed (though they aren't geometric). I'd say they might even be characterized by a lack of optical adjustments such as overshooting or ink traps

Good list of faves though do you (or anyone else) know any more?

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