Which fonts are used here?
Assuming that "Elixir" is custom.


Can't find a match for any of these 3 ones but I guess it's hard to say as all types look like to have been post-treated, mainly rounded and roughened... BTW, what's the sample origin? Your best chance would probably be to directly ask the designer in charge of this design. Anyway, some alternatives for these 3 ones.

BOHEMIAN BROS/IT'LL CURE WHAT AILS YA!: good base font would be [[|Schwager Ltt]], all earmarks are here but not rounded and not rough

PREMIUM/MADE IN: some sort [[|Engravers Gothic]]/[[|Blair]]/[[|Sackers Gothic]] extended. See [[|here]] for more alternatives. Ready-to-go options: [[|Powell and Geary]], [[|Worn Gothic]]

MARIETTA GEORGIA: again, only alternatives... [[|Refrigerator Deluxe]], [[|Liquorstore]] (wrong /R), [[|Industry]], [[|Bourgeois]] (wrong /M), [[|Gaz]] (wrong /R), [[|Boxed]], [[|Copenhagen]]