Retro Latin Serif (50's?)

Brothers by Emigre
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Check out the font on 'TWO INCH TAPE'. I feel like I've seen this around a lot but I cant find any info on it online. Any ideas?



Brothers by Emigre

Good catch Ryuk.
The record is post 2011 so it's almost certainly digital Brothers, which according to Identifont was designed by John Downer for Emigre in 1999. I note from his Identifont biography that he published essays on type history and hand lettering have in Emigré magazine and House magazine. Unfortunately, I have none of these at hand.
Does anyone have any idea as to the source of the original design?
The Myfonts tags included _cigar_ so I looked for matching lettering. I found an online image of a Tampa Life cigar box label from 1927 which looks somewhat similar toe Brothers:

Larger image at:
Anything else?
Perhaps there is a 19th century woodtype? I note Brothers has catchwords, which were available as special cuts from 19th century foundries.
I note Brothers is similar to Gin a design at least partly inspired by gin and whiskey bottles.
Finally, I see that what comes around goes around. The logo for a new cigar box -- Caja del Campion -- is a match for Brothers. The blog refers to the movie O Brother Where Are Thou, which which seems to use Brothers for the title -- with the alternate R, but not to the Brothers font.

Amazing! Thank you