Handwriting 1957 bicycle



The last one is a script font where the 'C' doesn't belong to an hypotetic Princess font


What do you want to know? who wrote this on a bicycle frame?

Just need some help to find the best match for this manuscript font.
The original painting faded, so I "enhanced" it with a chalk pen.
Trouble is the Princess font (nice match) has a different 'C' and I wonder if there is a better option.


Although with your enhancement I can't tell how the original font looks like, you may like the following font:

I have the following names for this font (but they are probably clones - not the original font):
"Belinda" or "BelindaType67" (1994, ImageLine Incorporated)
Elizabeth Semi-Script (1994, CompuWorks)

If somebody can dig deeper than me and find the original font name, your are welcome :)

It's a good sugestion.

I attached the original photo before retouch.
The words are "Aliança Ciclista Ldª"