Tall, Narrow Hand-written Style font.

The Skinny; Pisang
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Does anyone recognize this font? I've seen a lot of font styles similar to it, but couldn't ID what this particular one was.


After looking at it further... It is clear that the top font "Experiencia" is different from the body. Either font would work, but I'm looking specifically for the Title font.

Top one is The Skinny by Jusebox and the other one is Pisang by Hanoded (commercial/personal)

Thank you very much!

The rest of the lettering is http://DK Pisang, a free demo version available at Dafont, for personal use. You can contact the designer for the full version.

- Mike Yanega

Ooops! I didn't realize Ryuk got them both. I only saw one link. I knew it was likely that if they used one free font, there was a good chance they got the other one that way too.

It's odd, and not usually recommended, to use two fonts that are so similar.

- Mike Yanega

I agree, not here to critique their design choices though, their event is providing me with plenty of free mezcal and tequila after all. Under those circumstances they could use comic sans for all I care. Would just like to add either to my personal design collection.