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Typography Dissertation Research

Hi All,

I am a final year student at Nottingham Trent University, desperate for some primary research for my dissertation on typography.
I was wondering if anyone could offer their opinion on any of the following questions...

Is typography a craft?
Has the quality of type design been affected by digitization?
Are all new typefaces just an imitation of existing designs or is it still possible to achieve original type design?
Has the internet become saturated with poor quality type design?
Is it possible to avoid?
What defines good typography?

Any help or comments you may give will be extremely helpful and much appreciated.
Thank you,
Sophie Metcalfe

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Just google these questions + Typophile, and you will find all the opinion you need.

Except of course for “Is it possible to avoid?” which will bring you back here.

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Fruitful and timely: study the effect(s) of libre fonts on quality.