Rounded neon-ish outlines

Pump Triline
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Hi guys, I'd be grateful it anyone could identify this. I've tried WTF and some of the question and answer sites.

The letters are too small I think for WTF. I even tried tracing them in illustrator and WTFing a larger version that way!


Don't know if such a version exists but it's defintely based on Bauhaus ITC.

I can see the resemblance. The 'y' is way off though.

Anyone any other ideas?

So try switching for Pump or Blippo. Bonus: Pump has a Triline version.

Just been exploring Pump as well, thanks. Definitely the closest so far.

I'm starting to think the rest might have been Photoshop filters or something.

Looks like I'm gonna have to take the triline, remove the middle line, expand everything to fills, then fill white and outline in black.

Nightmare! :-)

Nightmare! :-)

Agree and ugly too ;)