Handwritten font from shop window canopy


I'm developing a website and would like to use this font.

I realise the chances of finding it are slim, especially when the image is so tiny and it's a handwritten font, but this forum seems to be the best place for it. :)


If you search for "Vesuvio Of Copenhagen" on Google images you can find a somehow better sample:

The problem is that it looks custom/handpainted - not a font: look at the 3 different /e and the 2 different /o.

Take a look at the following similar handwriting fonts you may like:
http://Gorri Sans
http://Lazy Dog

I hadn't considered it might be a custom hand painted sign but I can totally see what you say about the different /e and /o.
Thank you for taking a look at it and for your suggestions, I think the last two look pretty close.