Futuristic? Did they stretch out the font and add the box? I'm lost

Borg 9
Solved by: 
Fivos Vilanakis

Any help is highly appreciated I tried every possible way, I hope someone recognizes it. There has got to be a font for this


http://Borg 9 free font by Ray Larabie [Typodermic, 1998]

Mainly because of /M and even if /R leg is wrong, I would have started with Eurostile, adding a leg to /P to recreate /R, moving /E crossbar downward and cutting the whole thing with a horizontal bar.
Interesting alternatives: Francker, QType, Clonoid, Olney, Kursk 105, Geom Graphic

EDIT: ...Or you rely on Fivos' expertise... Definitely Borg 9 which actually looks definitely coming from Eurostile.

Guys thank you sooo much, I went with Fvilanakis (Borg 9) it is exactly the same. I was pulling my hair yesterday.

Ryuk thank you very much for the response and expertise, the font does seem to come from Eurostile and those are some really interesting fonts you shared.

Again thank you guys so much for taking the time to help out :)