Classic looking serif font with a modern vibe


The font may be clearer to see on the website I took it from:

If anyone can let me know what this is I would be really grateful!


All but the 'M' are some version of Schneidler (I adore his 'k'). My guess is the URW medium weight.

Absolutely brilliant - thank you! Yes the k is fantastic!

So far, I've got Aeneas Light for the 'M' - but it's not perfect.

Ok so it turns out that the M is a different font to the rest. No wonder I was struggling. If anyone can tell me what the M is then that would be me sorted!

I think I've got it - Locarno Light for the M. Problem solved. Thanks again for your help.

Nicely done, Angela.

Damn. With those splayed legs that widened toward the bottom, one of the first fonts I thought of was Koch Antiqua. Outside Rudolph Koch's home country of Germany, the font was known in the rest of Europe as, yep, Locarno - the inspiration for Alan Meeks' Locarno. Most of his fonts were (splendid) manipulations of prior typefaces.

FWIW Aeneas Light is an orphan font, no longer sold by Trio.
Anyway, I prefer the Koch design.