“Floral” Serifs



A lovely full bodied "Tuscsan" design where the strokes and terminals split into fishtails.
I believe I have an exact match on file but in the interim here is one that is close except the tilde shaped cross bars

Bike 2009 by Fontalicious Fonts 2009

Don't know if it's an original design but Sinclair LHF by John Studden is a match.

Nice catch Ryuk. The sign is obviously based on Sinclair LHF. I knew I had seen this one before but couldn't put a name to it. Unfortunately John Studden often does not cite any sources that would help to place his fonts in context. The tilde, which seems to have been invented by a book cover letterer, Henry Thayler, puts it between about 1895 and 1915 when it was the height of fashion. The source for Sinclair LHF may have been show-card lettering or painted signage.