Help identifying the font used on the Brisan Carriages logo.

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Wondering if someone can help me out with identifying a font. I tried what the font and i've had a good look online. No luck.

The font I need the name of is within the Brisan Carriages logo at and the "Carriages" font. I think it would be a script font.

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You could get pretty close to _BRISAN_ with PAG Bankas

with the bottom of the _S_ swept to the left.
As for _Carriages_ the g and s, and perhaps other letters are significantly modified, but you could use a script like Amazone which has similar _r_ and _s_ or pick a script with all letters but _s_ such as Commercial Script
Palace Script
or Sackers Italian Script
I trust that another font detective will post something closer for the script, or perhaps even an exact match.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

I did think Carriages had been modified a lot which is probably why it didn't show up on "what the font." Thanks for the suggested scrip fonts I'll have a close look at each one.

What's hard is my client wants to use the font for the word "prestige" and I'm not sure if picking another scrip font would suffice. I may have to do some modifications as well I'm thinking.

Thanks again,

I found this image. It's a bit easier to see, it still didn't show up on what the font though.

The script is Storefront by Sudtipos Ale Paul using some stylistic alternates: /g and /s

Thanks for the reply and for identifying the font. I really appreciate it.