Vintage (?) style font


I'm looking for a font that looks like the one used on the Evil Spirits logo. What kind of font is this?

Thanks for the help!


This lettering is a pastiche of styles. Note for example the median spurs -- found in many wild west fonts --and the foxtail terminals There are some fonts that catch some of the flavor of the lettering. For example, Exocet by Jonathan Barnbrook and the Dogma movie font, a fan effort as Avqest Also some other fonts by Jonathan Barnbrook, including Mason and Jeremy Dooley's Newcomen

Thanks Don, Mason has some great flavour!

You're welcome, Adam, I agree that Mason is perhaps the most interesting of the candidates.

Can't agree more with Don. Definitely custom (and by [[|St Bernardine]]).
Reminds me also on construction this [[|previous discussion]] too: initials /E and /S from one side, /V, /I, /L, /P, /R and /T (cross-shaped) from the other.
For initials and rather using a /3 instead of a /E: I like [[|Billhead LHF]] and [[|Letterhead]]; Adding also [[|Appleton DTF]], [[|Midnight Show]] (possibly my best "out-of-the-box" solution), [[|Stanley]], [[|Countryroad]] and [[|Sly]]
For the rest: [[|Long March]], [[|Midnight Show]] (again), [[|Ambrosia]], [[|Cavalero]], [[|Dickinson]], [[|Euphoria]] (good candidate cleaning up all flourishes), [[|Firehouse]] and [[|Iron Horse]] (good option too mainly because of glyph x-height)

Hi Ryuk, need link for _Midnight Show_, _Stanley_, _Sly_, _Long March_, _Midnight Show_.

Hi Ryuk, thanks for the link to St Bernardine. If we click on the image of the bottle we get an enlarged view that shows more of the label than was in Adam's Image. In addition to EVIL SPIRITS It shows a full uppercase alphabet. This is simply a set of Tuscan Roman letters. In the context of the label I expect that these are Ouija board letters. Digital fonts Captain Howdy