Typeface used for the exterior of the DeStijl influenced Cafe De Unie in Rotterdam



Can anyone identify the typeface used for the exterior of Cafe De Unie in Rotterdam? It was built and designed in the 20s by an architect from the DeStijl movement.



It's most likely hand-lettered...

Thanks. Anything you know of that might be close?

There are some, including Jeff Levine's Birch Beer JNL " from lettering spotted on a European business sign found in some stock footage that was used for an old black and white film about World War II." http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/jnlevine/birch-beer/ Looks pretty close.
Other candidates Salso Mangos http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/btn/salsa-mangos-btn/

Not perfect but probably closer than the previous suggestions is Dessau Zufunkt which looks to have almost all earmarks you need for this design.
Other option but far less close is Mostra Nuova.

Steems to me that the main distinctive feature is the lazy S, which is found in the two fonts I mentioned.

Totally agree Don and I add pointy /N and /A and /R straight leg to the list. That's why I specifically talked about Dessau Zufunkt which has all these features.

Yes Ryuk, Dessau Zufunkt is a good choice for the uppercase letters shown in the signage, but the lowercase is awkward.

It looks similar to Paul Renner's original design for Futura http://sietepecadosdigitales.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/004_paul_renner... which I consider to be an excess of geometry for the sake of geometry. But then again, some people like this stuff.

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