'Engravers' style (serif) and extended 'Idlewild' (sans) style


Hello all, two typefaces I am hoping to identify here, 'POINT DE CROIX' and 'BUTCHER' or suggestions for suitable substitutes most welcome…




'POINT DE CROIX' might be Blair ITC by Jim Spiece (confirmed by /G, /M and /S here).
'ARROGANT' should be Copperplate Gothic Condensed Bold.

Link for "here"?

Thanks Ryuk

@Don: link updated, always the same 'https' link troubleshooting...
@Fraher: post updated for 'ARROGANT', still searching for 'BUTCHER' but I guess with a sample from face it could be easier.

Thought I could find a match. The closest I have for the moment is URW Antiqua Wide/Extra Wide Bold/Extra Bold but it'd need a bit of customization.

OK, scratch URW Antiqua. Got it. That's HI Luxury Diamond using of the http://alternate /R (new to me, hadn't noticed these aletrantes before).
Excellent job by http://TunnelBravo BTW.

I was thinking abut luxury but felt there was something else going on,

Possibly just a redrawn 'R'

No need to redraw /R. Have a look to my previous post. I included a link pointing directly to the complete glyph set of Diamond and you'd see the /R they used specifically for this identity. 'Regular' /R is 2nd line 6th position (blue circle), the used one is the one after, 2nd line 7th position (red circle) and should be available as stylistic alternate through OpenType features.

Last one Ryuk, what about the Fictive Script here?

Great stuff. Shows the old advertising credo "sell the sizzle not the steak!"

Sorry, Fraher, don't have the answer for 'Fictive'. It loosely reminds me of Balmoral and Feel Script but there might be a long way to get there starting from it. Some more I like for this job: Yale FT, Parfumerie Script, Shelley Script/English 111 (probably my choice for customization), Citadel Script, Lucia