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None of theses, sorry


Jean Jannon Italic (Storm)?

good guy! you are the winner, its up to you to post a new quiz now. Have fun.

I didn’t? Maybe it’s because Belgium is some lightyears behind regarding typography… ;-)

nice tough, optima nova, mmmmm

Here goes:

Fenway Roman ucR by Matthew Carter/Cater & Cone ?

no, peter

Lido STF?

no, this is not Lido.

Seems Apollo from Frutiger?

no, jean-f, sorry

Now, that you got several bad answers, you should give some tips, or larger perview! no?

No. Its not an Italic. But the family include italics too.

The family include 40 typefaces in 7 weights.

Yes. More Hints!

this is from a european fontdesigner.

Looks a little ITC Berkeley Oldstylish to me, but
I’m really not trying too hard here. There’s not much left
of my street credibility anyways…

What’s interesting about this ‘R’ is that the tail extends
below the stem/baseline. Hmm…

J-F P —

That’s the cap R from Storm’s Serapion.

— K.

Kent, as reliable as always. That could very well be it!

Heinrich, my apologies; I just realized that I should have addressed my reply to you, not J-F P. Somehow, I thought Jean-Fran

Kent, you are the WINNER!!!

here is the beauty Serapion.

pfffff. I’m in same mood as Mr Troubleman.

Okay, here’s one for you all:

Type Quiz 4/19 a.m.

— K.

And does this bigger sample can help you?
bigger sample

frustrating, it looks so familiar, and yet, I can’t find it, I’ve searched a whole lot of samples and sites, but maybe I should look again ;-)

Yes, frustrating! The family was published recently, but in same time, Its a very familiar typeface.

the new OPTIMA?

oh yes…
didn’t see that one coming…

But anyway, it looks great!! At last small caps and osf for optima, and an italic! waaaaw, i’m impressed.

I always be careful to don’t say much, but i think I say too much when I have say that everybody know it :-)

Your are more than close Heinrich, its not the new OPTIMA, but Optima …

Please give the proper name (and if possible the weight too.) And I will declare you the winner.

What is funny with this, is there is an announce of a lecture in US of Zapf speaking about his new family on typophile during this quiz!!!

Last but not least, I don’t have the all family at all. Just a vfb file (Fontlab file) of the weight that I used here that I have received in last June 02, during the production of Sabon Next from Linotype as model for some extended character set.

Optima Nova Light