"- GET TO FRANCE -" font??


Require help identifying the font used in the attached publication.


Any hope of a larger image of the words? Difficult to see the earmarks on G and R.

Was only able to resize image. Hope this is of more use.

At first I thought this might be one of the several Bodoni italics without a serif on the bottom of the C. But then the upper part of that C makes me think that this is just a manually slanted roman - which could put this into the hundreds of Century-style fonts. Add to that the very different lower part of the two low-res G's. Yikes ... I'm afraid I give up, Tom.

This looks a lot like Didot Italic to me. Or at least something quite similar.

Looks pretty good, Tylor.

I agree Tylor that a Didot Italic is probable, particularly since Didot is almost a French national champion in typefaces. No maudit anglais fonts like Times Roman for "get to France."