All fonts


I'm looking for all of the fonts in this image.
I know that one of them is Trend, but I'm not sure about the rest.


No ideas?

2 previous discussions on the same topic, actually works by the same designer(s) Jorgen Grotdal of [[|Ligature Collective]]: [[|The Chivalric Romance]] and [[|The Ligature Collective]]

EXPLORING AT WORK/GARDEN PARK & CO: released yesterday by [[|Jorgen Grotdal]] and [[|James Lewis]] of [[|Ligature Collective]] under the name of [[|Quaint]]

ESTD/TOOLS & OUTFIT/2014/TRD/MRK: Ltt [[|Trend]]/[[|Trend Hand Made]]

Lumber: can't find a perfect match, possibly hand-drawn; closest I have is ‘CAC Lasko Even Weight Regular’ which came bundled with Create-a-Card software by American Greetings Company; some alternatives: [[|That's Font Folks]], [[|Prelude]], [[|Propisi]], [[|Einstein Grand]], [[|Showcase Script]], [[|Inessa]], [[|Spaghettu Western]], [[|Matinee Idol]], [[|Society Editor]], [[|Bogie]]

As for _Lumber_ I agree with Ryuk that it's probably hand drawn.
I don't know if the designers of this logo were ever exposed to the drawing books of Andrew Loomis, but check out the almost identical treatment of the letters in the script lettered on the cover of his Successful Drawing:

Great find, Don!

As a substitute for _Lumber_ I would add Nick Shinn's Handsome
Also Brasserie -- the _L _ is close --
For more lettering in this style check the Speedball Signpainters scripts.